About the film

"At His Doorstep" is a 2020 Bulgarian found footage film, directed by Violet Pancheva, and produced by Radostin Stoychev.

The story follows Annie, a famous vlogger, and her two best friends - Iveta and Milena - as they are shooting an episode for her new online series "Bulgaria's Scariest Places" inside an abandoned building in the woods of Lyulin Mountain.

In the name of good content, they decide that it's best to spend the night there all alone, aiming to capture the strange phenomena which have been reported for years.

When night falls and Milena goes missing, the girls quickly realize that whatever evil inhabits the place, it has no intention of ever letting them leave.


For the last decade, the abandoned building deep in Lyulin Mountain was labeled as haunted and it was given the name "The Asylum" by the numerous groups of people that went there seeking a thrill. Their stories and experiences, described all over the internet, were the main source of inspiration for the movie.



Filming "At His Doorstep" took 2 days and 2 nights. And while the day shoots were nothing out of the ordinary, the night ones were quite the adventure.

"The Asylum", as people call it, is located deep into the woods of Lyulin Mountain. The road leading to it is long gone, due to mountain weather and lack of maintenance for the last 30 years.

The team was dropped there before sunset, and taken back to the city early the next morning. In between that time, there were no means to go back. And what can be more fun than shooting at a supposedly haunted place, that gave birth to an urban legend?


Nadezhda Rasheva

Actress ("Milena")

Svetlana Smoleva

VA ("Lidiya")

Diko Bochukov

1st Assistant Director

Violet Pancheva


Radostin Stoychev


Denislav Nikolov

Director of Photography

Violina Dotseva

Actress ("Annie")

Ralitsa Neykova

Actress ("Iveta")

Tsvetomir Petrovski

1st Assistant Camera

Stoyan Anov


Luchezar Indzhiev

2nd Assistant Camera

Emma Deneva


Teodora Bozhinova


Elitsa Stoycheva


Daniel Ivanov

Production Designer

Stanislav Vladimirov

Production Assistant

Adrian Lyubenov

Production Assistant

Vladimir Budinov

Production Assistant

Denitsa Budinova


Simeon Simeonov


Stefan Ivanov

Production Assistant

Andrey Cholakov

Music Composer

Visualize the Audio

Sound Design

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